1- Short- term crop loans

1- Short- term crop loans

Financing the costs of serving all field and horticultural crops; which production cycle does not exceed one year. Examples of field and vegetable crops (whether planted in open fields or under tunnels or green houses) are sugar beet – horticultures – medical and aromatic plants – ornamental plants – seedling production and flowers…..etc)

2- Medium &long - term crop loans

2- Medium &long – term crop loans

Financing crops which production cycle exceeds one year such as: sugar cane loans; establishing, replacing, renewing and improving orchards and fruit nurseries/ medical and ornamental plants/ establishing laboratories to breed plant texture to produce seedling, and any similar agricultural activities accepted by the bank as well as reclamation and cultivation.

The finance amount equals 100% of the value of the accredited crop budget either in the old lands and the desert lands with completed infrastructure. The secondary crops planted with the basic plants and the fruitless orchards are financed by 25% of the accredited crop budget.

Required Documents:

Copy of the agricultural holding card/ agricultural services card after being classified.
Or commitment by the farmer stating the cultivated crops and the area of each crop in case of not completing classification of the agricultural card.
The customer’s national ID card (valid

3- Loans for purchasing potato

A cooperation protocol with the Union of Producers and Exporters of Horticultural Crops

to support farmers, companies and associations to buy potato seeds

The purchase of potato seeds from the General Federation of Producers and Exporters of Horticultural Crops is funded by our Bank in the scope of the agricultural loans

according to the following determinants:

Target Categories and beneficiaries:

-Farmers, companies and associations involving in planting and servicing the potato crop.
Interest Rate:
-Interest rate for end- customer is 5%-If a customer delays the payment, the interest is calculated on the basis of (corridor price/lending +2 %) from the date of maturity of the loan until the actual payment

Loan Term:

-6 months (short term loan)

Terms and conditions of lending:

-Lending is made within the credit categories for the service of agricultural crops and in accordance with the bank’s applied credit policy and its procedures.
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