Corporate Finance

As the state pays more attention to the agricultural sector and to the agribusiness industries, it has issued laws and legislations in order to remove any obstacles that may face the workers of this sector providing them with financial and technical support.

And as the Principal Bank for Development and Agricultural Credit is one of the state’s main tools for implementing its plan for developing the agricultural sector and the agri-business industries, ABE has established a specialized division called “Corporate finance Department”. This department will provide the different companies working in the agricultural sector a full range of financing services. The study is centrally done for allABE’s units all over the country. This department hires highly qualified and specialized employees who are well trained to study and estimate the financing needs of the company.

Activities to be financed:

  1. Crop Loans.
  2. Protected planting Loans.
  3. Livestock Loans.
  4. Poultry Loans.
  5. Fishery Loans.
  6. Agri- business, environmental and rural development Loans.
  7. Agricultural machinery Loans.
  8. Loans for purchasing buses, trucks, tractors,  …etc.
  9. Land reclamation and cultivation Loans.
  10. LGs  (bid bond, performance bond, advance payment).
  11. Support of exporting and importing through opening letters of credit.

The Bank grants all these loans in all different tenors (short term, medium term, long term).

Documents required for credit facility:

1. A recent extract of the company’s commercial register.
2. The financial statements for the latest three years (if any).
3. The company’s tax and insurance positions.
4. Viewing the company’s investment prospectus and a copy of the company’s articles of association.
5. The company as well as its manager’s state of bankruptcy and protesto.
6. Copies of the ID cards.
7. Agricultural holding paper (for crop loans).
8. Approved feasibility study (for medium and long term investment loans).
9. Activity license.
10. The activity cycle including suppliers, customers, and production phases.

*Documents to be completed according to the nature of the activity.

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