Current accounts for individuals
Easy deposit\withdrawal into\from account round-the-clock; from our branches

Advantages of current accounts for individuals in local currency:

  1. Transaction via checkbook issued by the bank.
  2. The possibility of transferring from the current account to any other account.
  3. Deposits and withdrawals from any of the bank’s branches.
  4. Collecting cheques and bills on behalf of the client and adding the amounts to the (current\ saving) account.
  5. Joint accounts are allowed (more than one account-holder) for easy deposit and withdrawal.
  6. Minors are entitled to hold current accounts in their names under custody\ guardianship.
  7. Issuing certificates and term deposits by deducting from the current account and adding their related return to the current account to be withdrawn at any time.
  8. Obtaining a direct debit card with a minimum of L.E 5000 for current account.
  9. 24/7 ATM access for withdrawal.
  10. Salary and pension transfer to the current account.
  11. The Possibility of issuing instructions permanently (such as transferring a certain sum to a certain body or to a certain person- concluding a deposit at certain time).
  12. A current account statement may be issued on a regular basis at the customer’s request.

Terms & conditions:

  1. The current account is available for natural persons.
  2. Cash withdrawals can be made via bank cheques, or debit card.
  3. The minimum amount for opening current accounts for individuals is L.E 1000.
  4. The minimum amount for opening farmers’ current accounts is as follows:
    • If the customer acquired an investment loan, the minimum amount is L.E 500.
    • If the customer acquired an agricultural loan exceeding L.E 2000, The minimum amount is L.E 200.
    • If the customer acquired an agricultural loan of an amount less than L.E 2000, The minimum amount is L.E 100.

Persons entitled to holding accounts:

  • Egyptians.
  • Foreigners holding valid 6 months residence permission.
  • Minors (in their name under custody\ guardianship).

The required documents:

For new customers:

    • A copy of the valid ID card- or passport for foreigners (Original should be presented).
    • Birth certificates containing the national number for minors (custodian decision, if any).
    • Filling in the current account application.
    • Filling the (K.Y.C.) form.

    For current customers:

    • Updating customer’s data.

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