Current Accounts for Legal Personalities

Easy deposit\withdrawal into\from account round-the-clock; from our branches

Advantages of current accounts for corporate in local currency:

  • Transaction via checkbook issued by the bank.
  • The possibility of transferring from the current account to any other account.
  • Deposits and withdrawals from any of the bank’s branches.
  • Collecting cheques and bills on behalf of the client and adding the amounts to the (current\saving) account.
  • Issuing certificates and term deposits by deducting from the current account and adding their related return to the current account to be withdrawn at any time.
  • The Possibility of issuing instructions permanently (such as transferring a certain sum to a certain body or to a certain person- concluding a deposit at certain time).
  • A current account statement may be issued on a regular basis at the customer’s request.

Terms & conditions:

  • The current account is available for legal personalities.
  • Cash withdrawals can be made via bank cheques.
  • The minimum amount for opening a current account for legal personalities is L.E 1000.

Persons entitled to holding accounts:

  • Legal personalities

The required documents:

For new customers:

  • For legal personalities (it differs according to its type)

For current customers:

  • Updating customer’s data.

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