The bank provides a range of deposits with different terms and revenues that satisfy all the customers’ requirements (Legal Personalities)

Local currency deposits
Week, less than 2 weeks (L.E 100 000)
2 weeks, less than one month (L.E 100 000)
1 month, less than 2 months (0)
3 months, less than 6 months (0)
6 months, less than one year (0)
1 year, less than 2 years (0)
2 years, less than 3 years (0)
3 years (0)

Deposits in foreign currency:

  • Issued in (Us dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling)
  • Multiple duration: from a month until a year
  • The minimum amount for a deposit in foreign currency is ($500, € 500, £500).


  1. Opened at any of the bank’s branches.
  2. The rate of the return is determined on the basis of the deposit duration.
  3. Opened in the names of minors until they reach their legal age of majority, and the return will be added to the deposit or may be withdrawn by the customer from the account (current\ saving) account as per customer preference.
  4. The possibility of adding the interest and the deposit amount to any of the customer’s accounts as per preference.
  5. The option to credit the deposit amount and the return to the (current\ saving) account as per customer preference.
  6. The deposit is automatically renewed by the due date and for the same period under the same conditions and at the disclosed rate at the day of renewal unless the customer otherwise notifies the bank before the due date.
  7. The customer has the right to ask for issuing a direct debit card according to terms and conditions applied.
  8. A privileged interest rate granted for deposits exceeding two million pounds.
  9. The deposit can be liquidated before its maturity date, and the return for this period is disbursed in accordance with the bank’s rules and conditions in this concern.
  10. Deposit – backed borrowing according to the bank’s regulations.

Terms & conditions:

  1. Available for natural persons.
  2. Issued for the person in his\ her own name and not for joint names and can not be waived.
  3. A (current\ saving) account is to be opened at the branch where the deposit is issued.
  4. Cash deposits for concluding deposits in Egyptian pound are due the next working day.
  5. Cash deposits for concluding deposits in foreign currency are subject to the bank’s announced instructions.
  6. All the customer’s instructions regarding the deposit shall be in written form and signed by the customer’s signature preserved by the bank.
  7. For liquidating a deposit, Bank’s terms and conditions shall be applied: in case of canceling the deposit prior its maturity date, an interest rate is calculated for the actual period, 2% less than the rate  at the time of booking the deposit or the rate at the time of canceling the deposit, whichever is less.

Persons entitled to holding deposit accounts:

  • Egyptians.
  • Foreigners holding valid 6 months residence permission.
  • Minors (in their name under custody\ guardianship).

The required documents:

For new customers:

  • A copy of the valid ID card- or passport for foreigners (Original should be presented).
  • Birth certificates containing the national number for minors (custodian decision, if any).

For current customers

  • Updating customer’s data.

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