Diamond certificate (EL Masia) with fixed return for corporate


Denomination L.E 50000، 500000، 1000000
Duration 3 years
Interest frequency Quarterly
Accrued as of the same day of purchasing
Redemption Can be redeemed at a certain redemption value calculated by the bank after 6 months of purchasing
Borrowing In order of 85% of its value with favorable terms
Other Characteristics The certificate can be kept at the bank
Fixed interest rate during the CD duration


•Issuance of certificates from any of the bank’s branches.
•Unlimited amounts can be purchased.
•The certificate’s amount; its revenues as well as its redemption value are exempted from all types of income taxes.
•A current account must be opened for the certificate’s purchaser, and the return is added to the account.
•The certificate’s value can be redeemed 6 months after the issuance date according to the redemption values determined by the bank.
•The certificate is nominal and its amount is paid to its holder only or to the person who is authorized to deal with the account.
•Loans can be obtained against certificates on favorable terms in accordance with the rules determined by the bank.
•The certificate can be kept at the bank.
•A replacement of lost is to be extracted in case the original certificate has been stolen or lost or damaged.

Terms & conditions:

•The certificate is only issued in the customer’s own name and shall not be issued in joint names. The certificate may not be waived to others and its amount is non-transferable.
•To issue a certificate of deposit, the legal personality should have a current account at the branch at which issues the certificate is issued.

Those entitled to purchase the certificate:

  • Only legal personalities

The required documents:

For new customers:

      • For legal personalities (differ according to their types)

For current customers:

      • Updating customer’s data.

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