Collecting the governmental dues electronically
(Taxes- Customs)

In cooperation with E-finance Company, Agricultural Bank of Egypt provides its customers and others the service of electronic payment of tax and customs dues through its widespread branches by means of an electronic encrypted and accurately secured network.


– The service is available to all customers inside and outside the bank.
– Customers can pay in cash or by debiting from their accounts at any branch of our bank upon the customers’ request.
– An immediate and instantaneous effect takes place electronically upon the payment of all governmental payments, allowing quick release of goods and avoiding the customer from incurring delay fines.
– Customers avoid money transfer risks.
– Customers avoid the risks of checks loss.
– Saving customer’s time and effort.

Required documents:

For customs:

– The customs certificate number/ customs transactions number/ shipment number/ tax number.

For taxes: (income taxes/ general tax/ sales tax)

– Number of fiscal file/ registration number/ entity number.

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