Egyptians Aman Certificate

As part of the bank’s role in developing the society and in the framework of its effective participation in the growth of the national economy and in the enhancement of the principles of financial inclusion as well as in supporting the law income categories so as to afford them with insurance protection, Agricultural Bank of Egypt launches the “Egyptians Aman Certificate”.

Main Items


The certificate name “Egyptians Aman Certificate”
Currency type Egyptian pound
Certificate duration 3 years
Certificate denomination (from EGP 500 up to EGP 2500)
Persons entitled to purchase the certificate – Egyptian natural persons from 18 to 59 years of age without medical examination.

– The different entities (institutions- authorities- companies- associations) for the benefit of the Egyptian natural persons from 18 to 59 years of age whose names are included in the lists of purchase applications submitted to the bank by such entities. Such lists shall be attached with the certificate purchase applications signed by the individuals whom the certificate was purchased in their names and copies of the national ID cards of each of them signed and sealed by the entity.

Terms and conditions -The certificate is nominal and shall not be traded, endorsed, transferred, deducted or mortgaged to any entity other than the bank.
-Certificates are exempted from the fees of opening the account through which the certificate is purchased.
-The certificate shall not be issued as a donation or a grant or in joint names in accordance with the terms to be signed.
The required documents A copy of the valid ID card only.
The interest rate The certificate interest rate can be changed after one year from its issuance in accordance with the market variables with regard to the newly issued certificates only.
Borrowing No borrowing is allowed against the certificate.
Certificate renewal -The certificate is renewed automatically on its maturity date at its full nominal value for two successive periods in accordance with the announced interest rate.
-The return value is credited on the maturity date to the customer’s account, prepaid card or to his/ her mobile wallet after deducting the insurance premiums.
The certificate’s effective date The certificate is effective from the next working day of purchase.
Prize Drawing A quarterly draw is carried out at the bank.

Terms of drawing:-

-The number of the prizes is 200 prizes amounting to EGP 10000 per prize, free of taxes.
-The minimum drawing limit is EGP 500.
-Each EGP 500 represents an opportunity of winning.
-The winner is not allowed to participate in other drawings.
-Drawing is made through Misr Life Insurance Company.

Insurance Policy – The life insurance policy on Egyptians Aman Certificate holders shall be effective from the date of purchasing the certificate until the customer reaches the age of sixty; the policy is then terminated.
– In case of a customer’s death, the remaining unpaid installments during the insurance year shall be deducted from the compensation value.
Certificate Redemption – In case of individual purchase, the certificate may be redeemed as of the day following the certificate issuance date at its nominal value (the purchase value) upon the customer’s request.
– The certificate shall be fully redeemed at its termination date (at its nominal value) along with the remaining interests after deducting the value of the insurance installments (if any).

The compensations are disbursed as follows :

Certificate Denomination

Insurance Amount

Natural Death Accidental Death
500 10000 EGP 50000 EGP
1000 20000 EGP 100000 EGP
1500 30000 EGP 150000 EGP
2000 40000 EGP 200000 EGP
2500 50000 EGP 250000 EGP

In case of natural /accidental death, the insurance amount can be paid on a secured pension for a fixed duration that starts from the month following the month of death as follows :

The insurance amount in case of natural death

The insurance amount in case of natural death

Monthly Pension

For 5 years For 10 years
10000 EGP 200 EGP 120 EGP
20000 EGP 400 EGP 240 EGP
30000 EGP 600 EGP 360 EGP
40000 EGP 800 EGP 480 EGP
50000 EGP 1000 EGP 600 EGP

The insurance amount in case of accidental death


The insurance amount in case of accidental death

Monthly Pension

For 5 years For 10 years
EGP 50000 EGP 1000 EGP 600
EGP 100000 EGP 2000 EGP 1200
EGP 150000 EGP 3000 EGP 1800
EGP 200000 4000 2400
EGP 250000 EGP 5000 EGP 3000

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