Agricultural Bank of Egypt participates in the Central Bank of Egypt has launched its initiative ” Arab Financial Inclusion Week “

– Under the State’s orientation towards the participation of all the Egyptian people categories in the development of the society, the Central Bank of Egypt has launched its initiative “Arab Financial Inclusion Week”. Agricultural Bank of Egypt participated in the events of the week that started from Thursday 27 April 2017 to Wednesday 23 May 2017.


– This initiative aimed at achieving the financial inclusion to bring all categories of the Egyptian society and all the marginalized segments of low-income (students – farmers – woman – workers – employees ….etc. ) under the umbrella of the banking system , and aimed at providing all banking services such as ( deposits – certificates – savings – micro finance – current accounts ……etc.) to these categories .


– During the “Arab Financial Inclusion Week”, Agricultural Bank of Egypt attracted new customers, who have never dealt with the bank, through expansion and promotion (in universities – youth centers and clubs, markets ….etc.) all over the republic. The number is estimated at approximately 8000 new customers. This initiative resulted in attracting deposits amounted 55 million Egyptian pounds.

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