five-year certificates (Al Namaa) with fixed interest

Agricultural Bank of Egypt provides the highest interest for deposit certificates in local currency. These certificates have advantages that suit all levels and categories in terms of duration and value

Certificate properties
The certificate denomination EGP 1000، 5000، 10.000، 50.000، 100.000
Duration 5 years
The periodicity of the return disbursement -Monthly
-Calculated as of the date of purchasing the certificate
Certificate redemption After 6 months from the date of issuance in accordance with the redemption values determined by the bank
Borrowing With easy terms within 90% of its value
Other characteristics The certificate may be kept within the bank
Fixed interest rate throughout the certificate duration

The advantages: 

•The certificates can be purchased from any of the bank’s branches.
•The possibility of purchasing without a maximum limit.
•The certificate may be issued in minors names till they reach the legal age. The return may be saved or disbursed from the account.
• The certificate value, its return, and its redemption or maturity value are exempted from any type of income taxes.
•A current or savings account may be opened upon the customer’s request.
•The interest can be credited to the current or savings account upon the customer’s request
•Upon the maturity date, the original certificate is to submitted to the bank to credit its value to the account ( current \ savings) upon the customer’s request
• The customer is entitled to apply for electronic card (ATM) according to the terms and conditions.
•The certificate value may be redeemed at any time after 6 months from its issuance in accordance with the redemption values determined by the bank.
• The certificate is nominal and its value is disbursed only to its holder.
•The possibility of borrowing against the certificates with favorable terms according to the rules determined by the bank.
•The certificate may be kept within the bank.
• In case of theft, loss or damage of the certificate, a replacement one can be issued.

Terms & Conditions:

•The certificate is nominal and can not be issued in joint names. It is un-assignable and non-transferable.
•A current or a savings account shall be opened at the branch that issues the certificate.

Persons entitled to purchase the certificate:

•Foreigners holding 6 – month valid residence permits.
•Minors ( by guardianship or custodianship).

The required documents:

New customers:

•A copy of the valid ID card or passport with regard to foreigners (After the original one being reviewed by the officer.
•Birth certificates containing the national number for minors (and the guardianship deed, if any).

Current customers:

•The customer’s data updating shall be verified.

For further information, please visit the nearest branch.

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