Investment Trustees

Investment Sector:

It uses the most appropriate methods and tools for well – investing of the bank’s money through funding new projects that are economically feasible or participating in investment projects with a higher return than the investment opportunity alternative, as well as the best use of the projects and the land reverted to the bank.

First: financial investments

•The sector follows up the bank’s investments and investment portfolios managed by others.
•Arranging procedures of subscription in joint-stock companies and receiving the subscription in the capital of joint-stock companies or increasing the capital of those companies.
•Providing investment schemes, through the issuance of various investment funds, to meet the needs and requirements of the bank’s customers to invest their savings against an adequate return.

Secondly: feasibility studies

•The sector reviews, examines and analyzes the submitted feasibility studies which reflect an integrated picture for the economics of the project to be financed by a loan or a contribution. Afterwards, it prepares a recommendation about the possibility of funding or contributing and proposed ratio for both. This leads to the conclusion that the profitability of the project is higher than the investment alternative opportunity which is considered an essential component in the decision to grant credit.
•Participating in preparing expansion studies of land reclamation, agri– processing and new development projects that will help in achieving the state’s plan.

Third: investment trustees

The administration performs the non-traditional activities at the bank achieving to meet the various needs of the customers, those activities include the following:

1-Services of Establishing companies by proxy services:
•Establishing all types of  enterprises on behalf of  clients (Joint-stock companies and companies with limited liability…etc), obtaining all approvals, licenses from official agencies, preparing Deeds of Association, Statutes and conducting procedures for attestation, publishing and registration.
•Receiving subscription for projects establishment.
•Increasing the capital of existing companies, finishing their procedures and issuing certificates of deposit.
•Promotion of bonds on behalf of companies and institutions.
•Registering the shares of companies in the Central Depository.
•Evaluating the assets of the companies like real estates, lands and movable assets in cooperation with specialized accountancy offices.

2- Real estate marketing services:
•Handling real estate and agricultural transactions, whether selling or buying, on behalf of clients.
•Auction services for marketing of real estate of all types.
•Selling and buying real estate, residential flats and administrative units on behalf of clients with specialized accountancy offices.

3- Other services:
•Providing technical assistance and expertise for establishment of projects and companies.
•Acting on behalf of clients to pay periodic obligations to agencies and government authorities.

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