livestock projects and the related activities

First: targeted categories: (customers)

Unincorporated enterprises, companies of all types including small-scale entrepreneurs (According to the definition of the Central Bank of Egypt)

Second:Fields of finance

Concessional finance is granted to borrowers for fattening, or breeding for milk production, through the projects and its related activities, including for example:

  • Purchasing and/or fattening feeding cows or buffalo (local or imported
  • Purchasing and/ or fattening female cows or buffalo (local or imported
  • Establishing, developing, and setting up barns and farms
  • Establishing and developing slaughterhouses, manufacturing meat and its requirements
  • Establishing and developing milking parlours, dairy assembling and processing units, stationary cooling tanks, portable cooling vehicles and tanks and pasteurization units
  • Establishing, developing, and setting up feed and silage factories, and their equipment and machinery
  • Establishing and developing artificial insemination units
  • Financing chilled and frozen meat refrigerators and chilled and frozen meat trucks
  • Financing vehicles related to livestock activity

Project implementation scope :

 Implementation is carried out through the branches of Agricultural Bank in all the governorates

Credit categories :


Imported Local
5000 EGP for Feeding one head 5000 EGP for feeding one head
15000 EGP for buying one head

10000 for buying one head with a minimum of 200 Kg per head


Imported Local
10000 EGP for feeding a head of imported cattle . 7000 EGP for feeding the head of females ( cows or buffalo)
25000 EGP for buying imported cattle. Bills of buying and purchase credits shall be verified.

15000 EGP for buying the female head ( cows or buffalo ) with a minimum of 200 Kg per head.

Rate of return :

5% simple decreasing

Loan Terms :

  • Funding term for nutrition and purchase for the purpose of fattening is for maximum of one year
  • Funding term for feeding and purchasing female cattle for the purpose of breeding for the production of milk is up to five years (Including one-year grace period as a maximum)
  • Funding term for livestock-related activities according to the credit study is for a maximum of five years (Including one-year grace period as a maximum)

Method of Payment :

  In installments (quarterly, semi-annual, or annual) according to the cash flows of the project

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