Micro-Finance Programs

By Financing these projects, the bank particularly aim at developing the Egyptian rural areas, and overcoming  unemployment through providing real  job opportunities for the owners of  these micro projects to increase their income; and expand their projects, and create a new investor in order to improve our economy.

The projects to be financed:-

1- Production projects such as:-

• Carpentry workshops.
• Carpet and kilim industry- leather products- shoes.
• Printing and bookbinding.
• Ready- made clothes industry.
• Pottery, glass and crystal industry.
• Manufacturing diary and pickles- production of bread.
• Manufacturing wood coal.
• Manufacturing and leather tanning industry.
• Producing all kinds of refills.

2- Services projects such as:-

• All kinds of cars repair workshops.
• Tires workshops.
• Spare parts of cars.
• Computer and mobiles accessories.
• Centrals, bookshops and photo copying offices.
• Plumbing workshops and sanitary tools.
• Blacksmithing and lathing workshops.
• Operating bookshops and veterinary pharmacies.

3- Loans for developing and improving outlets:-

• Greengrocer’s.
• Groceries, supermarkets, fodder and spices shops.
• All kinds of butcher’s (meat- poultry).
• Diary shops, selling bread and cleaning tools.
• All kinds of restaurants.
• All kinds of pharmacies.
• Coffee shops (cafes).
• Hairdressing shops (males- females).
• Ornamental shops.

4-Projects employing the exempted groups:-

• Street vendors.
• Projects managed through houses.
• Projects managed by women (house holding women).
• Stalls owned by the city council and leased or having the right of usufruct.

Advantages of these loans:

1- Granting loans quickly within three working days.
2- The customer does not pay any commissions or administrative expenses.
3- Helping the customer to develop and continue his activity in order to convert him to a credit customer with greater limits.

Terms & Conditions:-

1- The advance is not less than 5%.
2- The Financing period does not exceed a maximum of 12 months.
3- Opening a current account with the name of the customer, in the case the finance exceeds LE 5000.
4- The customer’s activity is not prohibited.
5- The customer is Egyptian.
6- The Customer’s activity is within the branch’s area.
7- There are no reciprocal guarantees between the customer and the guarantor.

Loan’s Beneficiaries:-

1- Fresh graduates of both sexes.
2- Agricultural and commercial self- employed persons and small projects.
3- House holding women, street vendors and stalls Tenants.


1- The customer submits an application to get a loan.
2- Completion of financing documents.
3- The customer submits the required original documents.

Required documents for the first product(From LE 500 to LE 15,000)


– From LE 500 To LE 5,000.

– Up LE 5000 Till LE 7,500.

– Up LE 7,500 Till LE 10,000.

– Up LE 10,000 Till LE 12,500.

– Up LE 12,500 Till LE 15,000.

•A copy of the customer’s and the guarantor’s valid national ID card.
•New utility bill (electricity- gas– telephone……etc) dated no more than 3 months.
•A copy of the lease or the ownership contract for the place of project or residence.
•Central inquiry by the donor bank.
•An acknowledgement issued by the customer not to transfer or change the place of activity to another location without notifying the bank.

The following guarantees are added in order to grant the second product(FromLE 10,000 to LE 25,000)


– From LE 10,000 To LE 15,000.

– Up LE 15,000 Till LE 20,000.

– Up LE 20,000 Till LE 25,000.

• Activity License.
• Commercial register.
• Tax and insurance card.
• Protesto certificate.

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