The Agricultural Bank of Egypt exclusively provides the highest return on savings accounts as well as advantages that are suitable for all client segmentations; in terms of duration and value.

Saving Account in Local Currency
Return frequency (Quarterly)
Minimum amount for account opening (L.E 100)
Interest rate ( %10)
EGP Retirement Saving Account
Return frequency (Monthly)
Minimum amount for account opening (L.E 1000)
Foreign- currency Saving Account
Foreign Currencies Us dollar- Euro- Pound Sterling
Return frequency (Annual)
Minimum amount for account opening ($50- EUR 20 – £20)


  1. Deposits and withdrawals from any of the bank’s branches all over Egypt.
  2. Returns are exempted from all types of taxes
  3. Loans in the same currency can be obtained against the account in accordance with the bank’s rules.
  4. A direct debit card can be obtained.
  5. 24/7 ATM access for drawings.
  6. Opened in the names of minors.
  7. Easy transfers to/ from the account inside and outside Egypt.
  8. Issuance of Certificates and deposits by deducting from the saving account and the return can be credited to account balance to be withdrawn at any time.
  9. The possibility of adding collected cheques to the saving account.
  10. Salary and pension transfer to the saving accounts.
  11. The savings holder may authorize others party to deposit and withdraw from the account.
  12. Statements can be issued in Arabic or in English based on the customers’ request for submission to any entity.

Terms & conditions:

  1. Saving accounts are opened for persons in their names and are non-transferable.
  2. Available for natural persons only.
  3. Cheque books issuance is not allowed.
  4. No direct debit card shall be issued for saving accounts of minors either under custody or guardianship.
  5. No issuance of saving books for nick or anonymous names or by the initials of the depositor’s name.
  6. Return is calculated on minimum credit balance during the month.
  7. No return on the amount deposited or withdrawn during the month.

Persons entitled to holding accounts:

  • Egyptians.
  • Foreigners holding valid 6 months residence permission.
  • Minors (in their name under custody/ guardianship).

The required documents:

For new customers:

    • A copy of the valid ID card- or passport for foreigners (Original should be presented).
    • Birth certificates containing the national number for minors (custodian decision, if any).
    • Filling in the application to open a saving account.
    • Filling the (K.Y.C) form.

For current customers:

    • Updating customer’s data.

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