loans for medium and small projects

The bank is providing finance at low-interest rates through various financing sources and external associations which are as follows:-

The National project for Social ,Human and local Development (Mashrooa'k)

2- The National Project for Social, Human and Local Development (Mashrooa’k)
Under the auspices of the Ministry of Local Development

Purpose of finance

Financing new and existing micro and small and medium enterprises that operate in all economic activity sectors and in particular the projects related to agricultural production.

Fields of finance

  • Financing the purchase of machinery, equipment and tools.
  • Financing the current activity ( materials and operating expenses).
  • Financing livestock projects.
  • Free professions.
  • All projects related to agricultural projects.

Target categories

All categories

Method of Payment 

According to the nature of activity and its cash flows.

: Finance tranches, repayment periods, and interest rate

Funding tranches

Repayment and grace period

Interest rate

up to EGP 25000 18 month %28
More than
Financing short and medium – term loans with a maximum of 5 years including one year grace period as a maximum •1% over the corrider rate lending for facilities up to 3 years .
•2% over the corridor rate , lending for facilities up to 5 years.
More than EGP200milion According to the project study result
Veterinary Services Program / VSP

3- Veterinary Services Program (VSP)

Fields of finance:-

1-Traditional veterinary activities:

– (veterinary clinic- veterinary hospital- veterinary medicines exhibition- artificial insemination activities – veterinary diagnostic labs)

2- Animal production activities:-

(fattening cattle and sheep- fisheries- dairy production – apiaries – poultry production- breeding rabbits-poultry hatcheries- slaughter houses- breeding camels- fodder manufacturing or any activity related to developing and protecting livestock).

Target categories:-

– Veterinaries who have graduated from the faculty of veterinary medicine and have no job opportunities .
– Veterinaries working at governmental bodies .

Grant size:- 

– EGP 500,000 pounds as a maximum for individuals .
– EGP 750,000 pounds as a maximum for corporates .

Interest rate:-

– Short term loans 6.5% .
– Medium term loans 7.5 % .
– Long term loans 8.5% .

– in addition to 2 % administrative expenses upon granting and on the remaining balance annually

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Agricultural Development Program ( ADP)

4- Agricultural Development Program ADP

Fields of finance:

  •  Livestock and dairy products:-

(purchasing and fattening cows/buffalos/calves) fish farming /poultry / orchards/irrigation and field drainage)

  • The field of agricultural inputs:-

(fertilizers-plant protection products-fodders-seeds-machinery and equipment)

  • The field of production and post-harvest operations:-

(grain crops-fibers (cotton and linen) – sugar crops – oil crops-legumes -medicinal and aromatic plants- bee honey-dates -Enhancing the silk production process)

  •  Marketing:-

(purchasing cars- establishing and developing warehouses and silos- designing refrigerators and grading to improve wholesaling)

  • Target categories:-

– Small-scale farmers and breeders.
– Agricultural companies and Agricultural processing companies and the feeding industries.
– Agricultural investors and cooperative association (agricultural – agricultural reform-  livestock development and community development.
– Specialized dairy farms .

  • Grant size:-

For persons: EGP 1,500,000 maximum per activity.
For companies: EGP 8,000,000 maximum per activity.
The maximum outstanding balance to lend two different activities is EGP 16,000,000. for companies and EGP 3,000,000 for individuals.

  • Interest rate:-

From 7 % to 10 % according to the maturity and the size of finance in addition to 2% administrative expenses.

Program of fattening and breeding buffalo (veal) 7%

5- Program of fattening and breeding buffalo (veal) 7%

– Geographical scope of the project implementation: 

All branches of the bank all over the republic.

– Fields of finance:-

EGP 3000 for 250 kg.
EGP 4000 for 450 kg.

– Required documents:-

-Copy of a valid National ID card.
-Copy of a valid agricultural holding card .
-Subscription in the Egyptian Buffalo Producers’ Association.

– Method of Payment:- 

Lump sum repayment loan .

– Interest rate:-

7 % per annum, simple and declining without administrative expenses.

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National project program for agricultural mechanization

6- National Project Program for Agricultural Mechanization

– Fields of finance:-

All that serves the agricultural sector.

– Target categories:-

All farmers/young graduates/agricultural associations/ Those who have concluded contracts with the Ministry of Environment and companies working in the field of environment (finance rice straw presses)/centers owners and workshops.

– Funding Terms:-

* Short term to purchase spare parts and to conduct overhaul / monthly payment
* Medium-term to purchase agricultural machinery and equipment /quarterly payment

Grant size:-

Up to EGP 250,000 for individuals .
Up to EGP 500,000 for companies working in the field of environment or agricultural associations.
The maximum outstanding balance is EGP sixteen million for companies and EGP three million for individuals for two different activities.

Interest rate:

7% annually simple declining
1% risk of non-payment
1% administrative expenses.

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Promotion of Rual Incomes Through Market Enhancement ( PRIME)

 7-Promotion of Rural Incomes through Market Enhancement (PRIME)

Purpose and value of finance:-

Supporting the agricultural sector and giving priority to the projects established on less than three feddans / planting crops of high value / small holders who do not own the lands necessary to carry out life stock projects and dairy processing / poultry / collection centers / packaging centers / dairy collection centers / the small units for dairy processing / refrigerator trucks/ the units of processing and drying tomatoes / processing herbs and medical plants / fish farming lands / dryers / marketing activities / energy conservation in agriculture and land reclamation sectors .. etc
Individuals: with a maximum of 1,5 million pounds
Companies and associations and businessmen associations: with a maximum of 8 million pounds
The program Board of Trustees has the right to review these limits from time to time

Fields of finance:- 

Poultry / land reclamation / purchasing and breeding livestock / dairy production / developing fish wealth / orchards / production inputs / pre and post-harvest transactions/ medicinal and aromatic plants / honey production / new and renewable energy

Targeted groups:-

Medium and small and micro enterprises including individuals and marketing associations, nongovernmental organizations, registered associations, farmers associations, sole proprietors, families, owners of small holdings (cultivating less than 3 feddans) workers who do not own land, unemployed youth, and women.

Geographical scope of the project application:-

( In seven governorates only as follows ( Qena / Sohag / Assiut / El Menia / Beni Suef in upper Egypt) and ( El Behera / Kafr El-Sheikh in lower Egypt.

Required documents and terms and conditions:-

1- Completing the loan application of the Prime program at the participating bank’s headquarters ( Governorate sector).
2- Sending the loan application to the agent bank ( Commercial International Bank) , accordingly the Agent Bank reviews the application and sends it to the program technical unit.
3- The program technical unit shall visit the project headquarters to conduct the necessary technical evaluation.
4- The technical committee shall make recommendations whether to accept/reject/modify / conditionally approve or to defer the decision on the loan application.
5-The audit and approval committee shall ratify/reject / modify the technical committee recommendations.
6-The Agent Bank shall transfer the total value of the approved loans to the Participating Bank with a maximum of seven working days, and the Participating Bank ( our bank) shall disburse funds to the borrowers in a period not exceeding 15 days from the date of receiving the funds Participating Bank shall transfer the loans’ installments and interests to the Agent Bank according to payment schedule which have been prepared by the Agent Bank.

The periodicity of payment:-

semiannual – annual
Grace period: 6 to 24 months
Loan term: 12 to 60 months

Administrative expenses and interest rates:-

Short-term loans 7.5 %
Medium-term loans 8.5%
Long-term loans 9.5 %
Administrative expenses 2 %.

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Support Agricultural Small & Medium Enterprises ( SASME)

 8-Support Agricultural Small & Medium Enterprises (SASME)

First: targeted categories: (customers)

Operators of the small and medium Egyptian Agricultural projects/small producers of food and agricultural industries/individuals working in the agriculture field/cooperatives/microfinance institutions/non-governmental organizations/farmers associations

Second: loan period, grace period and repayments:

Long-term loans Medium term loans Short-term loans 
Loan terms Up to 60 months  Up to 36 months  Up to 12 months 
 Grace period Up to a maximum of 24 months Up to a maximum of 12 months Up to a maximum of 12 months
 Payment method  Annual or semi-annual installments  Annual or semi-annual installments   Every 6 months or lump sum repayment loan within a period up to 12 months maximum
Interest rates 7.5 % 8.5 % 9.5 %
 Interest is paid every 6 months in all loan periods / administrative expenses 2% per annum.

Third: Activities financed by the project

•The same sectors that are supported by the Agricultural Sector Development Project (livestock/dairy products/horticulture/irrigation and drainage/ agricultural machinery/poultry wealth/fisheries)
• Cooperation project in the rural financial and investment sector (imports of production inputs/agricultural inputs and outputs/post-harvest operations/ medical and aromatic plants/ production and marketing of honey/ marketing (trucks))

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Enterprises Development Authority Loans (Previously Known as the Social Fund)

9- The Project of  Developing Agricultural and Livestock Projects and New and Existing Small-scale Irrigation Systems

Target activities:

Financing all the projects operating in the agricultural sector and livestock development sector and the related activities as well as the projects related to the application of the irrigation systems approved by the state.

Target categories:

The entrepreneurs of the new and existing small agricultural and livestock projects and the related activities as well as the projects related to the application of the irrigation systems approved by the state. 

Fields of finance

  • Financing the purchase of new and/ or used imported and local machinery and equipment.
  • Financing the working capital.
  • Financing all the projects operating in the agricultural sector.
  • Financing constructions, buildings and the project’s equipment provided that the finance is associated with the working capital financing and/ or machinery financing.
  • Financing livestock development projects.

Financing the projects related to the application of the irrigation systems approved by the state such as the following:

– Converting the irrigation systems to the advanced irrigation systems (sprinkler irrigation/ drip irrigation).

– Outlets selling the inputs and spare parts of the advanced irrigation systems (sprinkler irrigation/ drip irrigation).

– The equipment required for soil tillage and leveling and field drainage (tractors/ plows/ laser leveling equipment) as well as the required spare parts.

– Maintenance workshops for the equipment of soil tillage and leveling, irrigation systems and field drainage.

-Drilling of wells in the new agricultural lands.

Finance amount and interest rate:

Loan amount

Interest rate

Project type

Borrower’s contribution to the project

The maximum paid- up capital of the project

The maximum number of the project employees

More than EGP 10001and up to EGP 250000  Simple interest of 10% (without administrative expenses) New Existing …..%15 EGP one million 50 employees
More than EGP 250001and not more than EGP two million New Existing %25%25 EGP one million 50 employees

:Loan Term 

– The loan term is five years maximum including one-year grace period as a maximum (in which the interests are paid) according to the nature of the project, the period required to capital turnover and the project’s cash flows statement.

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Financing and developing small enterprises for operational purposes( young graduates project)

1- Financing and developing small enterprises for operational purposes (young graduates project)

 Purpose of finance:-

– Financing the fields of assembly, sorting and packaging, new and existing micro, small and medium enterprises that are working in all economic activity sectors, especially enterprises related to the agricultural production

Fields of finance:-

-Developing, expanding and modernizaing the existing small and medium enterprises
-Establishing new enterprises
-Marketing all kinds of products whether agricultural, environmental, crafts and feeding industries
-Purchasing, preparing and processing the agricultural crops for the purposes of local marketing or exportation
-Operating, establishing and preparing the distribution outlets which help to market the products
-The Funding required for the trade of the inputs of agricultural and industrial production and the environmental industries

Target categories:   

1-Workers in the field of crafts, vocational, environmental and feeding industries which serve as inputs for medium or final industries
2-Workers in the field of supplying, manufacturing, producing and marketing the inputs of the agricultural production and the agricultural services
3-Small traders and producers
4-Women who have experience in the fields of crafts, handicrafts, environmental industries and manufacturing

Loan duration:-

From one year to four years according to the activity nature

Interest rate:-

7% for new enterprises
9% for existing enterprises
Without administrative expenses

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Modern Irrigation Methods Development and Modernization Programn

Modern Irrigation Methods Development and Modernization Program

A cooperation protocol with the Ministries of Water Resources and Irrigation  


The activities to be funded include but not limited to the following:

  • Purchasing field irrigation pumps and equipment
  • Digging and maintaining shallow and deep wells.
  • Sprinkler and drip irrigation.
  • Developing field irrigation and drainage.
  • Other irrigation activities.

Target Areas:

  • Old and new lands in all governorates.

Sources of finance:

1- CBE’s initiative for small and medium enterprises

Target categories:

Small and medium companies and organizations as well as cooperatives involved in the fields of agriculture and new and renewable energy.

Advantages of the initiative:

A low simple decreasing interest rate of 5% is to be provided for small companies and organizations and 7% for medium companies and organizations.

2- Micro, small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency

Target categories:

Individuals and companies involved in Agriculture.

The Advantages provided by the agency:

The customers can be funded at a maximum of EGP 2 million and at the prices determined in the Agency’s contract.

3- The national project of agricultural mechanization

Target categories:

Agricultural associations, all farmers and fresh graduates with a degree in the field of agricultural mechanization and equipment.

The Advantages provided by the project:

The customers can be funded at a maximum of EGP 500 thousand at a simple decreasing rate of 7 %.

4- The Agricultural Development Program (ADP)

Target categories:

Farmers, agricultural associations and companies involved in agriculture.

The advantages provided by the program:

Individuals can be funded with a maximum of EGP 3 million and agricultural associations and companies can be funded with a maximum of EGP 16 million at simple decreasing rates of 8%, 9% and 7% according to the facility term (1 year, 3 years and 5 years respectively).

  • For more information, please visit our nearest branch.

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