About the bank

The Bank’s general policy

We refer them to the following key elements:

  1. We are a specialized bank capable of promoting rural development and serving the farmer.
  2. Study the requirements of the farmer and work to provide them to build confidence between him and the bank.
  3. Taking into consideration the societal dimension in solving the strong problems, especially unemployment.
  4. Community participation with local and international civil society organizations.
  5. Follow the modern methods and theories in renewing and improving the banking product to suit all customers in order to provide the service quickly and effectively and with the least possible procedures followed.
  6. To provide adequate funding in its various forms (both self and external) and to estimate its cost through the financing plan.
  7. A functional device capable of working efficiently and safely through a good money management system.
    Effective and efficient management.
  8. Granting thoughtful credit based on actual need, feasibility study and ability to fulfill obligations and provide and market banking.
  9. In addition to the other services provided by the Bank, and the size of its business is estimated with its revenues through the implementation of the Bank’s production activities plan.
  10. Creating innovative solutions to reduce default in the bank’s loan portfolio.
  11. Preparing the studies and research needed to serve the customers and work to find quick and unconventional solutions to their problems.
  12. Bank is able to cover its burdens and achieve the surplus.
  13. Reduce workloads with as fast a work program as possible.
  14. Promotion of bank units (headquarters).
  15. To subject employees to advanced training programs on an ongoing basis.
  16. General climate is a catalyst for workers and dealers.
  17. Preventive and corrective control of staff performance.

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