Transfers and documentary credits


 SWIFT outward and inward transfers (in local and foreign currencies):

– Transferring money via SWIFT system in the best and easiest way to transfer your money locally or from abroad directly to your account at our bank.
– Money transfers via SWIFT (locally or internationally) from one account to another are easily implemented, secured, and are rapid and affordable.

– Through this service, money can be sent and received from any account at the Agricultural Bank of Egypt to any other bank operating in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The advantages of the service :

– Sending and receiving remittances from any local bank operating in the Arab Republic of Egypt to be received within 24 hours.
– No minimum or maximum transfer limit.

Documents required from the customer to send remittances via SWIFT :
The following data shall be available:

– The beneficiary’s full name.
– The name and the address of the beneficiary bank.
– SWIFT code.
– The beneficiary’s account number.

To receive SWIFT remittances:
– Customers shall have a current/savings account at Agricultural Bank of Egypt.


To transfer your money from one account to another, you shall complete the following data of the sender by currency

The name of the company or the full name of the beneficiary (the consignee).
The beneficiary’s account number at Agricultural Bank of Egypt.
Name of the branch/ village bank at which the beneficiary’s account is opened.
The SWIFT code of Agricultural Bank of Egypt BDACEGCAXXX.
The name and the address of the corresponding bank of the Agricultural Bank of Egypt by currency as follows:

Our correspondent banks in foreign countries are as follows:




Account Number

USD The Bank Of New
York Mellon
IRVTUS3NXXX 8900690607
EUR Banque Misr-Succursale De Paris BMISFRPPXXX FR 7618569000010706469005073
GBP National Bank Of Egypt International Limited London NBEGGB2LXXX 1000116480826

Instant electronic transfers :

– Instant transfers between all the branches and the bank units ( Natural Persons)
– Instant transfers to companies
– Transfers from abroad
The bank offers the services of money transfers from expatriates to their relatives through its branches all over the country. The client will receive the transfer within 24 hours whether by crediting the sum to his account or over the counter or via home delivery.

This operation is done through a network of banks and exchange companies such as:

– Al Fardan Company in Emirates
– Al Fardan Company in Qatar

3-Transfers of the electronic payment system for the Egyptian Banks Company Automated Clearing House ACH:

– Pensions transfers (governmental – armed forces – professional association – private sector) \
– Government salaries and private sector transfers
-Transfers of bread support difference at cooperatives and supply foods
– Transfers of suppliers, individuals and companies
– Collection of premiums and bills ( DIRECT DEBIT)

New service:

– A contract is made through our branches for the disbursement of remittances received from the Commercial International Bank

For further information, please visit the nearest branch

A general overview of documentary credits and letters of guarantee:

You need a specialized partner in the field of financing foreign trade including import and export, and domestic and external letters of guarantee.
Documentary credits are considered one of the most important tools in financing external trade. They are safe and sound credit means for your export and import activity which ensure repayment and serious implementation as well as good performance, and safe receipt of your agreed goods or services.

Types of the documentary credits:

-Import and export credits
-Documentary collection processes (export / import)
-Local documentary credits
-External /domestic letters of guarantee
-A standby letter of credit

Import and export credits:

All types of import and export credits are issued for our customers through our network of correspondents all over the world in accordance with the national and the international laws and regulations that govern the documentary credits. The Bank notifies the customer and confirms all the export credits received from our correspondents in accordance with the instructions required in the credit and it pays the amount of the goods or the services required to be exported or imported.

Types of documentary credits:

-Advance payment
-Revolving L/ c
-Deferred L/ c
-Standby L/ c

Documentary collection processes (export / import):

The Bank sends and receives all documents and documentary bills to collect from all correspondents abroad or from the exporter directly and it notifies the customers of the receipt of the documents, then it pays the amount according to the payment terms and the customers or the beneficiaries instructions in light of the national and the international laws governing documentary collection process.

Local documentary credits:

The Bank issues all types of the local documentary credits in the Egyptian pound for the beneficiaries directly inside the Republic or through their Banks upon the request of the customer in order to settle the payments of the goods and the services required to be imported.

Letters of Credits and Standby documentary credit:

We inform our customers with the best means to protect their rights and interests with regard to the usage of letters of guarantee and documentary credits in order to ensure safe arrival and serious receipt of the required goods or services.

Marine letter of Guarantee:

Issuing guarantees for the favor of the shipping companies to enable the exporter to clear the goods and receive the shipments from the port in case the original bill of lading is delayed so as to avoid incurring storage fees as a result of delay in providing the clearance certificate of the maritime shipment.


The Bank finances the following:
-The external documentary credit (export / import)
-Documentary collections
-Local documentary credit
-Issuing the documents and form 4 of clearance certificate.

How to get financing for the external transactions (documentary credits):

For more information on the financing service and how to open documentary credit please contact the officials of the department of documentary credits in the principal Bank (1 Nady Al –Said Sq.- Dokki – Giza)

Fees and charges:

Terms and conditions apply

*** We have a specialized team in credits and in foreign and domestic trade to provide technical and immediate advice on the best means for paying the goods or the services value.

We ensure that the operation is implemented with the speed and the quality required. Moreover, the bank provides the foreign currency for its customers to finance the import transactions (goods and services) so as to pay without delay for the goods and the services through our network of correspondents all over the world.

***Agricultural Bank of Egypt has a huge network of units and branches all over the republic.

For further information, please visit the nearest branch

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