About the bank

Vision, Mission and Mission of the Bank

The bank’s objectives

Agricultural Bank of Egypt aims to become the engine of the economic development, particularly the agricultural development, within the framework of the state’s plan. It also aims at supporting the achievement of financial inclusion in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Agricultural Bank of Egypt works on achieving added value to the national economy through deepening the financial inclusion in the society. It works on supporting and developing the agricultural sector by providing an integrated package of banking and agricultural services to meet the needs of its customers (farmers and citizens),and it also works on supporting and financing small and medium enterprises especially in the field of agricultural activity and its related activities.

Agricultural Bank of Egypt seeks to revitalize and upgrade all the bank’s agricultural and banking transactions and to improve the efficiency thereof. It also seeks to support its competitiveness in order to fulfill its obligations, its customers’ needs, and to maximize its revenues through the optimal utilization of its resources.

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